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Lighting Control


The LUX420 lighting sensor (luxometer -lux) can be a good ally for the control and savings in lighting installations.

In the following pdf's you can discover how to save with our solutions for lighting control.

• Lighting saving control system

Additionally we distribute all the sensors, transmitters and light controllers from Lumandar line of Honeywell signature .
Lighting control and measure, light sensor,luxmeter, photometer. Lumandar LESA Honeywell.

Lighting control sensor . Luxmeter. LUX420.


The analog sensor LUX420S2 (lux light meter) measures the illuminance of ambient light and converts it into a signal current loop.
The output signal of 4-20 mA is supplied by the same power supply cable, providing easy installation cabling.
The LUX420 light sensor is based on a photo-sensor Si, which provides a sensitivity close to visible light and stable behavior.
The output range (between 1000lux and 100000lux) is adjustable via microswitches.
High protection for outdoor (IP64) and solid stainless steel construction.

•Luxmeter LUX420S1 specifications.

•Luxmeter LUX420S2 specifications.


Interruptor Crepuscular  LUR-S1


The twilight outdoor switch LUR_S1 controls outdoor lighting on and off as night and day. It is based on a Si photo sensor, which offers sensitivity close to visible light, and stable behavior through its selectable thresholds and delay times.

It has internal relay and does not need additional accessories. The different measurement ranges are easily selected through configurable microswitches inside. It has high degree of protection (IP64) for exteriors and solid construction in stainless steel.

Crepuscular switch  LUR-S1  specifications.


Lighting controller. Lighting saving. Luxmeter. Light sensor.XCID. Honeywell Lumandar.


The XCID the small programmer-controller for lighting installations. 
Allows control of up to 6 contactors through Relay output through time programs. 
There are three analog inputs for measuring lighting (Light Meters-luxmeter)
that control up to three different lighting zones allowing saving energy when 
daylight is enough. Is part of the ASP Electronic lighting saving solution.

•Lighting controller XCID specifications.

Lighting controller. Lighting saving. Luxmeter. Light sensor.XCID. Honeywell Lumandar.  

Lumandar Honeywell. FF-LUAN44,FF-LESA.


Lumandar photoelectric control is an automatic switch for lighting, activated by the increase or decrease in the level of natural light (twilight sensor). The lighting control is completely independent of time, time, season .. etc.
Impervious to weather and aging to optimize energy consumption, while ensuring proper lighting.
The photocontrols Lumandar enjoy high international prestige and have proven
significant energy savings compared with conventional control systems.

· Lumandar General Catalogue.

· Lumandar 1000
-FF-LUAN 44RH - EX (Rele Temporizated 3 seg.)
-FF-LUAT 44RH - EX (Rele Temporizated 30 seg.)
· Lumandar 2001
· Lumandar 2500
-FF-LAMT25RH (Lumandar 2500 )
· Lumandar 2600
-FF-LAMT26RH (Lumandar 2600 )
· Lumandar 3000
-FF-LAMT30RH (Lumandar 3000 )
· Lumandar 3100
-FF-LAMT31RH (Lumandar 3100 )
· Lumandar LESA
-FF-LESA11B5 ( LESA: 50 - 5000 Lux).
-FF-LESA13B2 (LESA: 1000 - 100 000 Lux)
· Lumandar LUT9


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