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Tunnel Lighting 


Luminance sensor  LUM420  (cd/m2) can control the lighting inside tunnels by adjusting the tunnel indoor lighting to the outdoor lighting conditions.

• Tunnel Lighting Control System .

Additionally we distribute all the Sensors and Controllers from Honeywell Lumandar.

Tunnel luminancemeter, Photometer, tunnel lighting control. Honeywell Lumandar LUT9.LUM420

Tunnel photometer ( Cd/m2). Tunnel Luminance meter. Lumandar LUT9 Honeywell.


The analog sensor LUM420 measures the luminance (cd/m2) of a surface, and convert into a current loop signal.
The 4-20 mA output signal is supplied by the same power cable, providing an easy wiring installation.
It has a high degree of protection for exterior and a solid stainless steel construction.

• Luminancemeter LUM420 Specifications.


Lighting controller. Lighting saving. Luxmeter. Light sensor.XCID. Honeywell Lumandar.



The XCID.LU is a small programmer-controller for exterior luminance 
controlled tunnel lighting systems. 
Allows control of up to 6 contactors via relay output. It has three
analog inputs for measuring luminance (luminancemeters )
that control up to three different zones allowing lighting adjustment 
inside tunnel and adaptation to external lighting conditions, avoiding 
the dangerous effect 'tunnel' in the conductors.

•Lighting controller XCID.LU Specifications. 

Lighting controller. Lighting saving. Luxmeter. Light sensor.XCID. Honeywell Lumandar.  

Luminance meter , luxometer and photometer LUT9 and LESA.



Honeywell Lumandar photoelectric control for tunnels is composed of the light meter FF-LESA and the LUT9 luminancemeter.

· Lumandar LESA
-FF-LESA11B5 (Sensor LESA: 50 - 5000 Lux).
-FF-LESA13B2 (Sensor LESA: 1000 - 100 000 Lux)
· Lumandar LUT9


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